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RAPOO X260 Wireless Optical Mouse and Keyboard

RAPOO X260 Wireless Optical Mouse and Keyboard

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● Rapoo X260 Wireless Optical Keyboard and Mouse Combo
● Anti-interference 2.4G wireless transmission. Ⅹ260 provides a stable wireless 2.4G connection mode, stable and reliable transmission, and adapts to a variety of devices.
● High efficiency and energy saving, long-lasting battery life. Power saving program + low power consumption chip, when the keyboard and mouse use 1 AA battery each, it can reach 12 months of battery life, eliminating the trouble of frequent battery replacement.
● Round keycaps Old typewriter retro round keycaps, literary and fashionable.
● The keyboard uses independent chocolate-shape keycaps, and carefully selected silicone particles, so that the keys are evenly stressed, rebound quickly, and typing is smooth and natural.
● 12 multimedia shortcut keys in Win system. Commonly used multi-media patterns are etched in area F by silk-screening process, and the audio and video playback, Internet browsing, mail and other operations in Windows system can be quickly switched through the combination of FN+F1-F12 functions
● The mouse is exquisite and compact, designed for small and medium-sized users; the ergonomic design of the left and right hands is symmetrical, and the operation is comfortable and free for a long time.
● Frosted texture, comfortable and non-slip. The surface of the X260 mouse uses a delicate matte spray paint, which is wear-resistant, non-slip and sweat-proof
● 1000DPI invisible light tracking engine, accurate positioning without frame loss, can be used on leather, cloth, paper, wood, resin and other surfaces, allowing you to enter the working state anytime, anywhere.
● The mouse uses silent micro-motion buttons, which can effectively reduce the use of noise and help you create a quiet working environment, especially suitable for use in libraries, coffee shops and other environments.


- Brand: Rapoo
- Model: X260
- Name: Wireless Optical Keyboard and Mouse Set
- Color: black/white/pink
- Connection method: wireless 2.4G

- Transmission method: wireless 2.4G
- Number of keys: 104 keys
- Power supply mode: 1 AA battery (not included)
- Battery life: about 12 months
- Product size: 447*131*31mm
- Product weight: about 492g
- Transmission method: wireless 2.4G
- Working method: optical engine
- Resolution: 1300DPI
- Button: left button, middle button, right button
- Wheel direction: two-way
- Ergonomics: left and right hands
- Maximum tracking speed: 30inch/s
- Maximum acceleration: 10G
- Power supply mode: 1 AA battery (not included)
- Battery life: 12 months
- Product size: 113*64*30mm
- Product weight: about 59g

- Size: 18*15*7mm
- Weight: About 2g
- Receiver storage compartment: Located at the bottom of the mouse

Package Includes:

- Wireless keyboard (not including battery)
- Wireless mouse (not including battery)
- User's manual

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