Humble Beginnings

Towards the end of 2015, Joneco Tech Marketing Corp. was conceptualized by four aspiring entrepreneurs, under the leadership of a renowned veteran in the IT industry, decided to put up a company that will cater to the market of the future. 2016 welcomed Joneco Tech Marketing Corp., a company designed to help small business retailers by providing them a trustworthy service provider of prepaid credits and an efficient system for paying bills and sending cash. Fast forward to the present, Joneco Tech Marketing Corp. is now one of the most sought-after distributors of IT and mobile products to Government Agencies, Private Companies, and just about anyone in search of quality tech products.

With the aspiration of providing the Filipino people an awesome combination of efficient service and advanced technology, the group has dared to undertake different research about the county's best network and service providers in terms of communication, transportation, health and community resources. The group has vowed to exert all efforts consistently and continuously to make the business grow while serving the Filipino people in this advanced world of technology, without sacrificing the necessities of each family.

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